The Sawtooth National Wilderness
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File Name Description Version Release Date Size Format  
All-SNWA-Water-Bodies-v2.2.csv A comma separated variable file containing a name and coordinate of every body of water in the Sawtooth National Wilderness Area 2.2 8/18/2014 36 KB Excel
All-SNWA-Water-Bodies-v2.2.kmz This GoogleEarth file contains a pushpin for each water-body in the Sawtooth National Wilderness Area. 2.2 8/18/2014 13 KB GoogleEarth

Above are two files containing name and geographic position data for all the water-bodies in the Sawtooth National Wilderness Area.  At present count, there are 1013.  The data is very accurate, but likely and admittedly not perfect.  I continue to make small refinements to it.  Most common is the discovery of an additional water-body that had evaded me in prior searches.  For further information about how this data was collected and organized, see the "Gory Details".

IF YOU FIND ERRORS OR OMISSIONS in this data, please send me an email (cal @ ckmcdonald . com) with a detailed description of what you think is wrong and I will make any necessary corrections.

I put in a significant amount of time gathering this data.  If you find these downloads of any interest or use, please consider making a contribution to the cause.  Thank you!